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by Paul Holmes - Managing Director PCH Business Support

An external perspective can really help to solve a business problem when the owner recognises he or she needs help to change.

I’ve recently been holding free One-to-One sessions through the fantastic Growth Hub at Cirencester, for local SMEs owners who recognise they need to do something different.

Kay Ransom, a multiple award-winning photographer came along looking for help and as a result of our session together has since become a client and has given permission to share some of her story.

Kay has been running her business for 14 years working locally, regionally and nationally with a focus on events.

During our hour-long session, I asked a series of questions to get a sense of how the company runs as well as its strengths and challenges. This enabled me identify a starting point for change.

We established Kay’s goals, looked at how she operates, what works and what doesn’t, as well as identifying a need to substantially change the revenue stream to better reflect her talents.

Kay has worked tirelessly at building relationships with well-known brands and national corporate clients. This has provided some good revenue, however, as is common with bigger companies, with each change of personnel the relationship has to be rebuilt.

We identified building strategic relationships with a range of event companies would significantly change the way Kay works. The aim would be for them to use her services as part of their own packages.

“Paul combined a great mix of conveying his wealth of knowledge with great listening skills. Paul has lots of positive energy and I see him being a fab influence on my business,” Kay Ransom

Our second aim is to develop Kay’s brand — moving away from ‘have a photographer at your event’ and towards ‘Kay Ransom, narrative story-teller who will bring your event alive using skills built up over 14 years’.

We’ve also identified additional specialist skills which will allow Kay to run photo-related training and development events monthly. This ‘one-to-many’ approach, can increase revenue stream significantly. One is Painting by Light photos — similar to writing your name in the air with a sparkler on bonfire night.

The benefit of working with an experienced external adviser is that they can often see ways forward which are not obvious to you — or you can see the opportunity yet cannot work out how to move realistically towards it.

PCH Business Support offers a monthly business support service, detailed business reviews and help with growing your business.

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