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Why Planning for success is SO important.

A thank you to a former colleague for that insight, unfortunately it’s a view that is commonly held by many business owners too, that only companies that are struggling or on the verge of bankruptcy need help!

Your latest product/service is fantastic, you have just launched the advertising, fingers crossed that first order lands and you are off and running, but then an exciting and unexpected order lands, its ok you can manage this — going to be busy but its ok, but then it gets picked up and shared by a blogger and interest is suddenly very high — this is everything you dreamed of….

This happened to a small service business in Swindon recently, they came up with a novelty product using their standard services, but it seemed to capture peoples imagination… then the enquiries started, then the orders flowed, in one month they received orders for a whole year’s worth of product. Capacity, cashflow, resources and their systems were completely overwhelmed. Existing customers suffered.

Could planning for this when everything was being developed have helped? — solved the problem? — possibly not, lessened it to a more manageable level? — almost certainly.

Considering what might happen if things go well, looking at ways to handle this or limit the impact, outsource or contain the processes, might have made this more manageable.

– ok this example was an exception on this scale, but it is the same basic mechanism for the vast majority of businesses that fold each year with cashflow problems, trying to service the costs of increasingly large orders.

In reality every business should have someone to bounce ideas off, be able to discuss options with and get valuable objective input from outside the day to day running of your business, whether this is at start-up, as you start to grow, when its manic or when things get a little challenging.

“We would strongly recommend Paul to any business looking to move forward. Paul gets to the core of the business and can quickly interpret ways to help and add value” WTKI

All businesses need help in reality, someone with perspective to look over the business and spot the things that might be changed or improved, help you grow or overcome a challenge , what you need is someone who really understands your business, can work with you and helps you with the specifics.

Business advice can be hard to afford for start-ups and smaller businesses, so PCH Business Support has launched a manageable monthly support service which includes a FREE initial business review to set the path for your business to really get going, then with calls and a follow up session each month, help you to grow and thrive. A monthly professional support service for a fraction of a normal consultant’s single cost per day.

Are you looking at what help your business needs?

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