Building relationships is at the heart of what I have always strived to do and it’s served me well.

One thing I’ve learned in developing my own business is the ability to sell your products or services is key. Sounds obvious of course.

However for many of us, we don’t really understand how critical it is until we hit a roadblock or we plateau and struggle to move beyond current turnover and profit.

I’ve learned when the ability to ‘sell’ is not natural to you or your team then growing the business is slower, harder and definitely less sustainable.

Personally, I have been running capital projects and helping businesses evaluate and plan for growth over the last two years, yet grasping this fact about selling has seen a really exciting start to this year.

I’m working with new clients, helping existing clients to grow and referrals are now really starting to bear fruit. Getting to this point has been hard fought.  

In hindsight marketing and sales support much earlier in my business evolution would have been a worthwhile investment.

With that in mind, I realise more than ever that having more commercial support for clients will also speed their growth.

I am delighted to announce, after getting to know Ashley Hutchinson at A&S Business Consultants over the last 18 months, we have agreed to collaborate more closely. This allows my business to really develop and offer a sales focussed offering through our strategic relationship.

Over time this should create new opportunities in new markets, adding sales and marketing support for PCH clients and, in turn, offering process, projects and manufacturing support for the clients of A&S Business Consultants.

Ashley has a strong background in sales and marketing and has developed his business over the last seven years.

 “I am looking forward to working with Paul. Since I have known him he has consistently demonstrated a real expertise in manufacturing processes, project management and capital projects. These areas fall outside of my natural expertise and being able to provide a more complete offer to my clients would add value to the relationship,” Ashley commented.

“It is so important in a collaboration you get on with your partner as well as having complimentary skills and expertise. Delivering the best results for my clients is what drives me and I believe, working with Paul will really help that.”


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