by Paul Holmes

I was delighted last year when Swindon based Rays Ice Cream, asked for business support publicly and that I was recommended to Hadi Brooks, this led to an ongoing relationship and looks very exciting for 2019.

Hadi has grown the business organically over a number of years and now has two shops, a new purpose-built kitchen and event units, with the additional capacity she was looking for strategic support and planning, to take the next big step forward and to evaluate the numerous options.

Rays is a much-loved brand with a core following, the ice cream is astonishingly good. It is traditionally made using gelato recipes and processes using the best quality local milk and cream, its quality exceeds many of the best ice creams available. Rays is innovative, developing new products — including high protein ice cream and a vegan ice cream range.

The challenge now is raising the awareness outside those loyal fans across Swindon, the region and well beyond. To show to the world the passion and love that Hadi and the team put into the ice cream.

We have initially spent time evaluating the company, re-establishing the aims and ambitions, defining goals and timescales, then developing the strategy: more stores? new products? Events? Online sales? Developing the distribution? Expanding resale outlets? Developing strategic relationships? Supermarkets? Etc.

Developing strategic relationships topped the effort v return evaluation and almost as importantly excited Hadi’s imagination — to distribute increased volume to a small number of select brands, each with a range of their own outlets. The aim is to identify the companies that reflect the quality of Rays Ice Cream’s own products and work closely as strategic partners.

All the planning rests on the ability to supply increased volumes and my experience in manufacturing and operations has become a significant aspect to the work. An expanded manufacturing and storage space in 2018, will be followed by additional process equipment, efficiencies and throughput in 2019.

Ensuring that as each new partnership develops, supply and quality are already assured. 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Hadi, Rays Ice Cream available in more places and it winning the accolades it deserves.

‘I am really excited about the plans we have to develop Rays Ice Cream in 2019. I have enjoyed working with Paul so far, he brings an informed third party view to the business which has been invaluable in helping me to create the strategy for Rays. I look forward to putting the plans into practice along with him.’ Hadi Brooks

For Rays Ice Cream, PCH Business Support is combining — strategic planning and implementation; project management and delivery; as well as manufacturing and operational expertise.

Are these areas in your business you would welcome support? Or there are any other aspects of your company which need development, then contact me for a free initial conversation.

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